Kaluskiy KHP TOV

Kaluskiy KHP TOV


Address: 77300, vul. St. Banderi, bud. 102-A, m. Kalush, Ivano-Frankivska obl.

area: Ivano-Frankivsk region

region: Kalushskiy

Town: Kalush



Leader: Oleksyuk Igor Stepanovich

Phones: 380XXXX63197, 380XXXX63089

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Activities: Agricultural Services

Description: Certified Elevator. Storage, cleaning, drying, conditioning grains and oilseeds.
Elevators: storage: Bulk
equipment: temperature Control, Drying, Cleaning,
Weighing of grain: a representative of the warehouse
determine the quality of grain: the representative of the warehouse
the Availability of equipment for determining the quality: Is the laboratory

Created: 14.08.2015

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